Monday, March 31, 2008

Well now i've gone an done it. Pushed it a little too far this weekend and have wound up sick. However it was at the expense of a fantastic, cold, three hour surf yesterday morning; which was much needed. Haven't been sick since October and now i can barely think or move. Maybe yesterday's surf and evening yoga contributed, maybe it was the weekend revel-rousing and hockey. Whatever it was, i'm now beat (which is no big surprise i guess) and to top it off a low pressure system is swooping in as i type, bringing with it some NNE gale force winds which should make for good swell overnight and into the morning. Crappy for me, unless for some miracle Nance's homemade chicken soup, the chamomile tea and the other assorted home remedies kick in soon. Wicked for anyone else who gets some tomorrow. When it rains it pours. Ok...enough. Everybody gets sick from time to time. Big deal.

A decent swell blew up saturday night, making the east side of the lake look like a glowing orange (upwards of 12') on the NOAA website; but between the long (nearly 3 hour drive) and the fact that we got a vague confirmation of slush, we opted for someplace else, someplace closer. Different wind direction than what we normally surf on this side, but surprisingly good. Sometimes it pays to lower your expectations a tad.

I'm sorta lacking in the visual department from yesterday, only because i was more excited to surf than stand on the beach or fiddle with the Olmpus in the water.

photograph by Eric Berglund

over and out

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