Saturday, December 8, 2012

Took a day off from hunting with a gun and went to a fun local spot (not a zoo or wildlife preserve) with O. to shoot some deer with the camera instead.  Came across this king of bucks who was certainly a willing model.

What a creature!
 Hmmm and some tasty pizza from the other night.

So i started this b-log back in the fall of 2007 as some place to throw some photo's out there for others to enjoy, occasionally ramble a bit and just generally keep a log of life & all of the fun & amazing sh!t that goes down it.  It started out very surf & fish oriented and has morphed into a bit of everything.  If you haven't figured out by now, i keep very busy being a dad, loving husband and chief putterer, not to mention having a kickass day job as a fisheries biologist on Lake Superior and a boat load of hobbies.  Some folks like b-logs that are updated with daily content....this one is not.  There was a time when it was, but come on.  I plan to keep making and posting 'art' whether anyone stops by here or not, it's just fun. Anyways, i guess i'm writing this as a way to ring in the sixth year of the fresh aspect. happy buck fever and peace out.