Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sitting here at the Fresh Aspect headquarters content with what has been put together over the last year. And not without several good reasons.


More to come friends.


photogs By: Eric Berglund (other than the second one of Scotty and i, in which case good compadre Brent Metcalfe must be responsible).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm gonna start off this 100'th post with this super catchy track 'Around the Bend' by Danish pop/electronic/funk crew 'The Asteroids Galaxy Tour'. Supposedly this was used in some Apple iTouch commercial..unbeknownst to me of course...i'd say good use of blurppy horns, lasers, thumpy bass, grainy technicolor and organ...and a nice fur hat too.

Bump on the horizon. A couple of weeks ago before the mercury started to drop.

Celebrating Birch: the lore, art and craft of an ancient tree- put out by the North House Folk School down the road in Grand Marais, Minnesota, given to me by my wise and old uncle Erv. This book covers everything from birch biology and ecology to its practical and spiritual aspects in many northern cultures. Along with its step-by-step instructions for several projects it's definitely stoking the creative fires that are pouring through my axe and knives these days...oh, and the bathtub full of birch bark that i had to steam in order make it supple again. Check it, if this sort of craftiness is up your alley.

Lutsen pretty much beat me to getting first tracks yesterday. Shouldn't be long now till we're up to our eyeballs in the white stuff and sliding cross country and down hills.

Big dog- November 15th, 2008.

Little dog- May 15th, 2008.

And to keep things a little on the surfy side...i came across this gem while cruising the ever killer content at Shakas and Singlefins. Good surfing, nice boards and a fun musical selection.

Bing Surfboards and Chris Del MoroIII Present:
The Lovebird Colab Project
A film by J. Smart

Nunchuck attack-spring 2008.
(photo By: Thomas Jordan)

So yeah, keep on keepin on.


photos By: eric berglund

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Been off in the northwoods of Minnesota with family, partaking in an annual tradition that we wait for all year. A ritual of practicing patience, observing, learning, laughing and hopefully putting some healthy protein in the the freezer for the year. The wind blew and the wolves were present and the alarm at 4:20AM every morning comes too fast some days. But ya do what ya gotta do.

Moon setting at 5AM on a crisp November morning.

Stillness...and deafening silence waiting to be broken by the
snap of a branch or foot steps on leaves.


Next post is numero 100 and "the fresh aspect" is 10 days from being a year old, WOOT!

oh apologies if the sight of blood is just too real.

photo's by : e.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Big crew rolled east yesterday in the wind and rain for a long and burly session. Just the way we like it here on Superior. Figured i throw up a few shots to get the week off to a good start.

Dave Edwards drops into a bit of a bomb.

Dave again, throwing some backside spray.

Jer Bowery

Jer again with plenty of northshore style.

Jaakko Natri eying up a peeling left.

Chris Kukkee rips a nice one.


photo's By: Eric Berglund