Saturday, November 15, 2008

Been off in the northwoods of Minnesota with family, partaking in an annual tradition that we wait for all year. A ritual of practicing patience, observing, learning, laughing and hopefully putting some healthy protein in the the freezer for the year. The wind blew and the wolves were present and the alarm at 4:20AM every morning comes too fast some days. But ya do what ya gotta do.

Moon setting at 5AM on a crisp November morning.

Stillness...and deafening silence waiting to be broken by the
snap of a branch or foot steps on leaves.


Next post is numero 100 and "the fresh aspect" is 10 days from being a year old, WOOT!

oh apologies if the sight of blood is just too real.

photo's by : e.

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Anonymous said...

hey e!

i love the heart photo. it is a heart right?
when i first saw it i thought it was a rotting red pear snagged on a tree.
it's beautyfull.

mucho love