Monday, July 27, 2009

some good stuff.

Grab the wheels, time for a Monday night ride in the woods. The skies were looking black and menacing, but somehow we didn't seem to care. We weren’t so much disregarding the fact that it was about to pour; as we were not wanting to let a little rain stand in our way of some fun. Needless to say it was a wet and soggy mess. Fun, but a mess.

Rule of thumb: when in doubt, GO.

Didn't have the waterproof Olympus along, otherwise i would have had some good shots, pre, during and post down-pour on our ride. Definitely some nice light coming through the soaked and humid forest after things moved on.

mr. steed

And, always a nice monday surprise to find the latest SBC Surf on your doorstep at the end of the day. Plenty of great stories and photos, worthy of some quality mind surfing time. Especially if your in the summer doldrums like here and haven't had any surf in a long while.

Surf or no surf, a gorgeous summer evening is something you
can't argue with.


photographs by: eric berglund

Sunday, July 26, 2009

since one of Lutsen's usual walks is along a local river, i decided (mostly for kicks) to grab the 4 weight on the way out the door this morning, after watchin the end of le Tour. i'm glad i did, cause although they were mostly little dinks, they were smashing dries off the surface with fortitude. no problems with that, especially when your fishin light weight. Lutsen didn't seem to mind either, as he was pretty occupied swimmin and chasin about. just another stroll in the woods and some hangin out down by the river.


photo's by: e

Thursday, July 23, 2009

flaming ball of gas
watching it set


by: eric berglund

Monday, July 20, 2009

Had a wicked countryside road ride over lunch hour today and then hit the dirt and the woods this evening with j. and Lutsen for some knobby action. Got to be takin advantage of these nice days when the opportunity arises folks.

single trackin

geeked out scenic bike shot while Lutsen cooled down in the river

and yeah...a bunch of fine steel for workin some greenwood.
A couple Hans Karlsson and Ashley Iles gouges, a Mora knife and
Gransfors adz.

Oskar tossin a fist in the air and looking cute and cool all at the same time.

photo's by eric berglund

Friday, July 17, 2009

DRIFT North America born July 16th, 2009. Well, in reality the idea and the percolation of this latest creative, collaborative, cultural surf spectacle has been in the works for a while, with many thanks to Joe Conway (Editor) and his crew based out in Maine. Expect regular blog style posting from around the world along with feature pieces in web reader format. These folks are no slouches when it comes to producing a slick online publication. For added variety make sure to also check out the European Edition of DRIFT, which is equally rad.
Jamie Watson at PineappleLuv got Joe to give a run down of the mag, so you may as well cruise over to her site and read his words for your self and check out her fine blog while yer at it.
Anyways, good stuff.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plenty goin on, for the exception of surf that is...which is a pretty normal thing for this time of year. Windy as stink out there though, but mostly from the west and the good. Meanwhile, been hit with some projectile baby excrement, some Tour de France-itis and scoopin the mantra of "run to surf" from Nova Scotia's Ku Yah! who continues to provide some of the interwebs more entertaining and progressive literary least a few folks think so.

Couple captures here from the other evening.

Oh yeah, and stay tuned, cause in the very near future there'll be a new and exciting surf publication hittin the wires. We'll keep you posted.

photos by: eric berglund

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inland water being pushed around by north winds this afternoon.

Anyone who's spent any time in the woods...especially in northern Canada can relate to this song from 1949. Do turn on the speakers for this one

A little less posting going on up in this family joint these days, for obvious reasons. However, finished up the carving bench, tend to the garden, run with Lutsen and most importantly, doing my part to raise this little man.

Check John's little dude and his new longboard. Second generation lake surfer...pretty much raddness!!!

peace folks

photo by: e.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the garden produces

the half pints

mescaline mix

the grateful dead


photo's by eric berglund