Monday, July 20, 2009

Had a wicked countryside road ride over lunch hour today and then hit the dirt and the woods this evening with j. and Lutsen for some knobby action. Got to be takin advantage of these nice days when the opportunity arises folks.

single trackin

geeked out scenic bike shot while Lutsen cooled down in the river

and yeah...a bunch of fine steel for workin some greenwood.
A couple Hans Karlsson and Ashley Iles gouges, a Mora knife and
Gransfors adz.

Oskar tossin a fist in the air and looking cute and cool all at the same time.

photo's by eric berglund


Anonymous said...

Umm, is that a carbon fiber derailleur picture combined with a baby "new age punk band" picture....only on your blog man...

Jamie Watson said...

The photos made me smile.

cpm said...

love those gransfors tools.