Saturday, July 11, 2009

Plenty goin on, for the exception of surf that is...which is a pretty normal thing for this time of year. Windy as stink out there though, but mostly from the west and the good. Meanwhile, been hit with some projectile baby excrement, some Tour de France-itis and scoopin the mantra of "run to surf" from Nova Scotia's Ku Yah! who continues to provide some of the interwebs more entertaining and progressive literary least a few folks think so.

Couple captures here from the other evening.

Oh yeah, and stay tuned, cause in the very near future there'll be a new and exciting surf publication hittin the wires. We'll keep you posted.

photos by: eric berglund

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Leif Larsen said...

Yuck! Hopefully that nasty black stuff that sticks to everything is long gone!