Monday, April 28, 2008

Receiving a serious beatdown during these early days of the steelhead run. T-money, Gomes and I have been logging some serious hours on the river in snow, rain and winds and have forfeited a couple surfs in an effort to put some fresh chrome to the bank....and it's happened...just not as frequently as it should be. Whatever. Here are a couple from the recent antics. With more to come.

spidey and the lakeport

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Woodgrain. April 20th, 2008.

photo's By: Eric Berglund

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The season is upon us...
bring on the spring rains and overflowing rivers.

Winston turns into one hard last Saturday. 
Not much surf on the horizon

steelhead By: Eric Berglund
surf By: Nancy Berglund

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday afternoon proved to be a blast. Spent 3 and a bit hours in the water, soaking up the sun and taking in some fun waves.

Here's Benny rippin the longboard

Liam tucking into a smooth one

Jer cutting back in the late afternoon sun.

It's not often that we get three consecutive days of surf around here, and 5 days in the last week. And i'm sure if you were on it this morning there would have been some small glideables.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Biggest and baddest that Superior has to offer. 15' faces, steep drops, finicky, fast and heavy waves for lake standards...downright scary, and i didn't even paddle out. Only a couple of rides to be had all afternoon and into the evening. Storm force winds gusting as high as 50 knots. Humbling, scared and respect were a couple of the words spoken around the fire.

Sunny skies today and likely a major glass off this evening and into tomorrow AM. Nance and i will head out in a few hours to see what's what. Still blowing plenty hard out on the big lake, although it's starting to taper off a bit.

photo's by: Eric Berglund

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

For all you puppy lovers out there. Here is a picture of our Boykin Spaniel, gundog pup, Lutsen. Just going on 4 weeks and about another 4 until he arrives here in Thunder Bay.

Yowzers....what a week to be off work. More surf than you could shake a stick at. Here is what NOAA is predicting for Friday. Those contours are for waves, not winds. Gale force winds of up to 50 knots, should whip up some crazy waves for the next few days.

A split peak from sunday's session.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sunday's leftovers for monday's dinner.

Flipped over to the The Cleanest Line this morning and saw a short note on Sonnie Trotter's "Indian Summer" slide tour of eastern Canada, along with a link to his blog that includes his 
account of kicking off the tour here in Thunder Bay last week, which by the way was fantastic,  along with a plethora of stories and photo's from his climbing adventures.

Trotter cruising up a local piece of ice, decked in teal.

Lots of rock in Hampi India.

photo Credit: Sonnie Trotter

Maybe i shouldn't mention it, as it is still 3 days out, but because it sounds alltime check fridays forecast...and i quote:

surf photo's by: Eric Berglund

Monday, April 7, 2008

Northeast, small clean swell, built throughout the day. Something like 18 people in the water at one point. No animosity, all stoke, probably one of the few places you can have this many people in the water and everyone gets along. Pretty incredible. Headed out to get some left overs this evening.

photo's by Eric Berglund

Friday, April 4, 2008

What do you do when your sick with the flu for half the week?...well, watch the seedlings grow i guess.

Eight heritage varieties of early season tomatoes for the garden this summer, including: Green velvet; Harbinger; Black cherry; Sub-arctic maxi; Golden Queen; Acadian Cherry; Blond Kopfchen; and Manitoba tomatoes, all from Upper Canada Seeds.

Seedlings reaching for the warm spring sunlight.

Watching the seedlings grow can get a little tedious, if that's all you do. Been spending a bit of time reading up and planning the multi purpose shed i'm gonna build once the snow disappears for good. A place to shape a few boards and for Nance to do some potting. Picked up three old-school looking windows from the re-store for $3 and plan to side the building in cedar or pine shiplap boards from a local sawmill. We've also scored some reclaimed ceder shakes from my sisters basement wall, that will be used for the roof. All in all it's pretty deadly in my head, now to just put it into reality.

As for the surf report from April fools days: John and Winston managed some small clean ones. Mostly the result of too much North wind and not quite enough East. While, further south at Stoney Point, the Duluth/Twin City-ites got some nice ones throughout the day.

This one is courtesy of Ben Moren. 

While props go to Ryan (last name unknown) who posted this on the
Superior Surf Club site as well.

Sick waves for sure. Looks like the stars might align for a Northeast on Sunday and even into Monday.

live simply.

seeding photo by Eric Berglund