Friday, April 4, 2008

What do you do when your sick with the flu for half the week?...well, watch the seedlings grow i guess.

Eight heritage varieties of early season tomatoes for the garden this summer, including: Green velvet; Harbinger; Black cherry; Sub-arctic maxi; Golden Queen; Acadian Cherry; Blond Kopfchen; and Manitoba tomatoes, all from Upper Canada Seeds.

Seedlings reaching for the warm spring sunlight.

Watching the seedlings grow can get a little tedious, if that's all you do. Been spending a bit of time reading up and planning the multi purpose shed i'm gonna build once the snow disappears for good. A place to shape a few boards and for Nance to do some potting. Picked up three old-school looking windows from the re-store for $3 and plan to side the building in cedar or pine shiplap boards from a local sawmill. We've also scored some reclaimed ceder shakes from my sisters basement wall, that will be used for the roof. All in all it's pretty deadly in my head, now to just put it into reality.

As for the surf report from April fools days: John and Winston managed some small clean ones. Mostly the result of too much North wind and not quite enough East. While, further south at Stoney Point, the Duluth/Twin City-ites got some nice ones throughout the day.

This one is courtesy of Ben Moren. 

While props go to Ryan (last name unknown) who posted this on the
Superior Surf Club site as well.

Sick waves for sure. Looks like the stars might align for a Northeast on Sunday and even into Monday.

live simply.

seeding photo by Eric Berglund


pushingtide said...

WOW! Those pics are crazy, never would think that was the lakes. I got some tomatoes goin' too.

Tomato eatin' before south swell dawn patrols soon!

John Roland said...

Planning a day long sunday dawn patrol looks like the waves have some sick potential. call me and I will be in touch with Winston and Liam.