Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday afternoon proved to be a blast. Spent 3 and a bit hours in the water, soaking up the sun and taking in some fun waves.

Here's Benny rippin the longboard

Liam tucking into a smooth one

Jer cutting back in the late afternoon sun.

It's not often that we get three consecutive days of surf around here, and 5 days in the last week. And i'm sure if you were on it this morning there would have been some small glideables.


Anonymous said...

You freshies are awesome! Enjoy it to the fullest (I'm sure you did). The first time I drove across this great, beautiful country of ours I was with two of my best friends in a beat up old ambulance that had been converted into a camper van. It was our home for over two months and we loved it- gas guzzling and cramped as it was. Anyway, we had been in Ontario for a while and finally hit some really beautiful scenery. The water on our left seemed nice enough but we hadn't paid much attention until one of my buddies pointed out, "That's Lake Superior isn't it?" That's when it finally set in- shit, that's incredible!!! You see as three guys from NS we were quite use to seeing vast expanses of water... the OCEAN not a lake! Loved it then, love seeing you guys throw down on one of those lakes now. Stoked!

Black Spidey

Daniel said...

Looks like some fun ones.