Sunday, February 26, 2012

After a winter of pretty thin, but adequate snow conditions..we finally got thrashed by a quality Alberta clipper today & this evening. Barring a heat wave, this should help in keeping us skiing right through March. Had a fun time playin outside after dinner with O and N. Quality.

The Surly- 'Mr.Whirly'crankset that will go on the Surly Ogre..when it arrives in April.


photos by eric berglund

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Had fun yankin lake whitefish with dad on sunday...what a great day. unreal weather and enough fish to keep the smoker blazin, plus several meals of baked whitefish.


been keying in on skiing, being healthy and all the other good things life provides, which unfortunately has put the sitting at the computer in the evenings lower down on the list of priorities. so be it. keep getting out there and pushin it folks.


photo's by e.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gettin my siphon on here, while Lutsen looks on. Well actually this was a couple of weeks ago. Pretty soon i'll dry hop this badboy and then bottle 'er up a couple days later.

Ordered up one of these this afternoon...well the frameset, the rest i'll build up with mostly non stock parts. Stoked!! Would have been sick (as in awesome) to splurge for a fatbike...just hard to justify using one as a daily commuter.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Between the skiing, running and other day to day fatherly duties, i've finally busted out the tools and some wood and gotten to work again. Nice to tune up some edges and rattle off some projects. Here i'm using a Mora Erik Frost 162 double sided hook knife while the Ashley Iles gouge stands by, along with a small Mora carving knife.

Diggin this:

And pumped for my old Uncle Erv at 69years young, who rode to the finish of the Arrowhead 135 ultra-marathon in 37hrs55min in Northern Minnesota on his Pugsley this week. Deadly.
Stay young folks.


photo by e.