Monday, July 27, 2009

some good stuff.

Grab the wheels, time for a Monday night ride in the woods. The skies were looking black and menacing, but somehow we didn't seem to care. We weren’t so much disregarding the fact that it was about to pour; as we were not wanting to let a little rain stand in our way of some fun. Needless to say it was a wet and soggy mess. Fun, but a mess.

Rule of thumb: when in doubt, GO.

Didn't have the waterproof Olympus along, otherwise i would have had some good shots, pre, during and post down-pour on our ride. Definitely some nice light coming through the soaked and humid forest after things moved on.

mr. steed

And, always a nice monday surprise to find the latest SBC Surf on your doorstep at the end of the day. Plenty of great stories and photos, worthy of some quality mind surfing time. Especially if your in the summer doldrums like here and haven't had any surf in a long while.

Surf or no surf, a gorgeous summer evening is something you
can't argue with.


photographs by: eric berglund


ras said...

nice photos as always. I need to get a new snapper for sure.

what kind of frame is that? it looks like it's steel. good to see a hardtail once inna while. how's the little one? I got a piece or two in the new SBC

Eric said...

Your right, it's a steel frame. Rocky Mountain Hammer Race circa
'97, Tange Chromoly, triple butted. Sandblasted and powder coated at a local shop a couple of years ago to restore the look and remove any pitting. The only original parts are the stem and the front derailleur, everything else has been upgraded. Aside from the pride of riding steel, the custom built Chris King to Mavic xm719 wheelset is the cats-ass.
And the kiddo, he’s well and doing all the things a 1 month old should be doing. Pretty amazing feeling…bein a dad, that is. He and N. have been in Winnipeg for the last couple of days and though a full night’s sleep is great, it’s bizarre not having him around. Can’t wait to see him tomorrow. Keep up the good writing.
Be well, peace.

Jamie Watson said...

Gosh you sure live in a gorgeous place. I would never get tired of seeing your photos.