Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hit up Lutsen (mid west skiing at it's finest), down the way on the Minnesota northshore on saturday with my sis Signe, the bro-inlaw Andrew and Nancy. Sig and Andy rocked the slowboards...i mean snowboards, Nance donned alpine gear for the first time in years and i turned the tele's. Fun day, spring corn. Lot's o' ice packed in along the lakeshore. Sauna mania when we rolled into town in the evening. Headed for a stroll out at Silver Harbour this morning to wake our selves up...spent the day puttsin around and turning some balsa floats for some spring steelheading. Topped it off with a yoga session to finish the day. Solid weekend all around.


Sig and Andy

What the heck...more ice for ya.

photo's by Eric Berglund


Anonymous said...

Wicked pics!!! Wish i could have been there!

Nicole said...

I came across your blog though sissyfish, and thought you should check out