Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sibley Ski Tour weekend. The Sibley ski tour is a 31 year old annual event out at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, northeast of Thunder Bay to behold. There's the 10 km family event; the 20 km tour; and the 50 km race. Not sure on the numbers this year, but there were likely close to 1,000 skiers who showed up , both locals and folks from Minnesota, Manitoba and elsewhere in Ontario. Anyways, other than a bit of snow the day before, which made things a little soft, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day to glide on snow. The sun was warm and spring like but the air still had a nip of winter in it (temperature= -5C ish). I'd have to say that i probably had one of the best skis ever. (wax: vauhti graphite (hard); vauhti race blue).

Skis awaiting the trail.

Kilometer 34 (approximately) of 50. Skiing away from the pack and feeling the burn of not having someone to pace off of. Beautiful though.

photo's by Eric Berglund

Not a whole lot of surf going on these days, North winds mostly. And when it has looked promising, such as today and last friday, ice has managed to blow in, making things...well, not surfable. Continue to wait. Continue to ski.

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Erv said...

Disappointed that you Nortlanders haven't tried ice sheets surfing in the heart of the winter season. Put grippers on your soles, though. Too early to have thoughts of spring.