Monday, March 24, 2008

Well, last year we spent easter down in California, surfing and enjoying the warmth. This year, the possibility for an easter surf was fleeting. Potentially good winds, but with ice being pushed around the lake, the thought of an hour and a half one way to get skunked by ice flows, was plenty to keep me out of the water and finding other things to do. Four day weekend, brought serious sunshine, fresh snow, skiing, fishing, friends, yoga, hiking, relaxing and chocolate. After a hearty bowl of fruit, some eggs and hot crossed buns, Nance and i cruised it out onto the lake to fish on Sunday. The fishing was...slow. Cold wind, but warm spring sun.

J. wanted to scout some boulders today, so a crew was assembled and off we went up into the hills. No boulders worth putting on a list of climbs, but some caves to snack-out, in.

Olivia, Max, their old man Andrew and Nance snackin' out.

Water break.

Getting serious about playing.

photo's by Eric Berglund

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