Tuesday, January 3, 2012

mmmmm yeah. Happy New Years all. Into the fifth year here at the fresh aspect and back at er after a christmas hiatus. Here are a some snaps from the last couple of weeks.

Lynx canadensis.

Pulled into our blueberry haunt for a pit stop on the way back to Winnipeg and came across this critter, who didn't seem to be too concerned with our abrupt arrival. Here he or she is slinking off after we had a chance to get a good look.

The new sled.

More on this later. But i will say it's hand crafted by Tom Neilson down in Cocoa Beach, Florida. 6'8'' 23&1/4''wide and 3'' thick, with multiple fin possibilities. Should be a dealdy slider for the lake.

A rack of freshly smoke Lake Superior herring.

As good as it gets.


photo's by eric berglund


Anonymous said...

(Amy K)

Kirk Shillinglaw said...

My brother sent me your link this past fall and I really enjoy it- lots of common interests. A lynx- absolutely incredible....