Monday, January 9, 2012

"da Blunt"

After much contemplation, some humming and hawing and several emails back and forth with Tom Neilson over the last year, i finally settled on a new sled. This stubby, wide and thick, slightly concaved hull, stringerless epoxy stick should put me into just about any wave round here. Combine that with a quad setup with Futur Fins or the single 8'' Greenough 4A and it'll be a badass allrounder. Just need some waves.


photo's by eric


Dale Williams said...

Nice...that looks like a wave catcher for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Just wanted to say I dig your blog and photos. Da Blunt looks super cool and I've been thinking about getting something similar. If you have some time shoot me an email, as I'd like to pick your brain for a few minutes if you don't mind. I mainly surf Lake Michigan and I want to get away from the longboard and figure out some shorter board options that still catch waves. Thanks man!

Brian Koll