Friday, January 20, 2012

Always stoked on this magazine. The folks at Superior Outdoors Magazine do a beautiful job of laying out a mag that captures the adventure,spirit and beauty that is so prevalent in the Lake Superior watershed. Make your way to a local retailer or go online and scoop a copy of the 2012 Winter edition. Plenty of good reading and some stellar photo's.

I snapped these shots of the mag...but here are the
Real Photo Creds:

Top Left: Bryan Hansel-winter kayaking cover shot

Bottom Left: Marlin Lendin- a story about ridin his Pugsley 100 miles on Lake Superior

Top Right: Eric Berglund- you can probably guess what it's about.

Bottom Right: Eric Berglund- skiin some fresh trackset last winter.

You can kind of see part of a shot by Darren McChristie of a dude catching air kiteboarding.

Anyways. Get out there and have a good weekend.


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John Roland said...

haven't been to the site in a while, nice job with the magazine!