Friday, January 25, 2008

There are those days when everything just falls into place.  Fickle forecast the last few days, and we opted for a dawn patrol this morning despite the fridged deep freeze we have been in.  Checked the two stations that are still in operation on this side of the lake, first thing this morning.  WNW?? What the hell? It was suppose to crank SW, W at the least.  It blew WSW upwards of 30 knots last night until about 1am.  Instead of pulling the plug on the session, we cooked it down. Slack jawed by what we saw, we surfed some of the most glassy consistent waves we have had in a long time. Chest high for about two hours and waist high for the last hour. No wind, no current, -16C (maybe a bit colder), steam rising off the green water...hootin' and glidin with two buds on lake Superior in January....GORGEOUS...and fun. So stoked...No better way to start a friday.  Back to work for the afternoon.

John at Secondglance took a break during today's session to capture some of the lakes beauty....check it out.

Also, noticed Daniels post over on Wine and Woodsmoke about Patagonia's new campaign, Freedom to Roam. An initiative to create and preserve continental corridors so that wildlife can survive on a warming planet. There is lots of good reading to be had, linked off of their website, whether you know much about this topic or not. Anyways, good on them for tackling this growing dilemma, check it out if you get a chance.

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