Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frigid. Strong NW winds, i mean strong, upwards of 50 knots. -45C. Winston thought it would be a good idea to check the surf late in the day. I opted to stay warm, says he got wet, caught a couple and then got out...suit frozen by the time he reached the truck. Stayed in his wetter until he got home. He was hard up as he is unable to surf next week. Do what ya gotta do. Here are a few.
Spruce grouse Dec. 2006

Steamers- 2007

These were sent across the the wire from local man Jer. Bowery, who is currently in Korea.

"Then we hear tweet,tweet,tweet etc...over an over...Rickey tells me that it is the coast guard and they want us to come in...but don't worry they will just sit on the beach and blow their whistles. I ride one way in.......Shit...ok, I'll go in. The coast guard meets me on the shore...with the look of shear fear on his face....typhoon, dangerous.. are the only words I can understand through his rambelings. I look at him with a smile...pat him on the shoulder...assure him it's ok... and say don't worry...Hawaii and motion with my hand way over my head...I look him dead in the eyes and say, with my finger pointing up, one more. He lets me back out for one more...mabey to tell the others to come in...but I don't know them and I am not one to spoil fun. I pretend like I am telling them...wait for my brings me in....and call it a day".

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