Friday, January 11, 2008

Booted around town the other night on my bike, playing with the camera and just enjoying the evening. Quiet spin of the pedals in the brisk night air.  Fresh snow as of today to replenish the recent melt caused by freakishly warm weather.  Going to be nice skiing tomorrow.
Night mission-January 9th-2008

Northshore January 2008


pushingtide said...

Love it. Those bottom two dudes are stoked in their world. Snappin' off a pic of a lumpy chunky right. Just to prove their fickle wave kinda worked. Probably waited half a year for it to look like that.

Malcolm Johnson said...

coolness. night rides rule.

what's that castle?

eric said...

night riding is where it's at....that is actually the oldest highschool in town...1909 to be exact.