Monday, July 28, 2008

Out of the ole loop-d-loop the last while. Out in the bush counting some fish, busy as heck this past weekend with my folks out here in TBay helping build a garden shed/ small shaping bay, and ya know, just rolling with summer.

Sleepy G. the other night

The summer issue of SBC Surf is out and a deadly read to-boot. Paged through it several times now, still having to read a few more of the articles and look at the photos another several hundred times. All of the content is top-notch, but i specially dug the article by Malcolm Johnson..."To Get to The Beach.." and Jeff Martins piece..."The Meatball's Big Party". Fantastico guys. Go get your copy today.

ps..Jeff Martin has some ridiculously rad writing over at his blog...Tarp City Gypsies...check it.

photos by Eric Berglund (obviously the mag shots are photo's of photos...not e's photos)


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