Monday, June 23, 2008

Oyster Mushroom

Didn't realize these shrooms could be consumed until i flipped through my new mushroom guide "Mushrooms of the Boreal Forest" By: Eugene F. Bossenmaier the other day. Handy little guide by the way, featuring more than 200 species of mushrooms and fungi found throughout the boreal forest, ranging from Alaska to Ontario and Minnesota.

Might need to go back out and see if we can find these guys again. Got Lutsen out solo in the canoe this eve. Paddled for a good hour and he pretty much chilled right out, after a short episode of trying to bail out over the gunwales. Winston slid on water with his new standup paddle-board setup, good excerise for the flat summer conditions around here ..might have been the first SUP on Boulevard lake . Nice night to be outside.

photo By: Eric Berglund

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