Sunday, June 8, 2008

80mm of rain on friday...flash flooding, roads washing out, rivers and creeks higher that many people have ever seen. Thought we'd score some waves on saturday morning...lugged the 10' longboard 2.3km into the promising beach...and...nothing..stupidity and optimism on my part. Ditched the board, while Nance and i walked Lutsen just over 8km's. What a trooper. I could have been bummed about not getting waves, but it was too darn nice out. Anyways, hope somebody got some, somewhere.

Current River running high on Friday evening.

Lutsen at the beginning of his power marathon weekend.

N. on lookout

Miniature canyon


photo's By: Eric Berglund

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amabel said...

sweet pics! (as always. love the flow one, with the contrast of white moving water to green....)
Anyway, appology: wake the giant is NEXT weekend (the 21st)