Thursday, January 13, 2011

On Smoking. Smoking fish that is.

Until now, i've never really tried my hand at smoking meats. Jerky in the oven, yes. Charcoal BBQ...always. But no smoking of fish. So when a friend offered up a day before christmas to help me smoke 36 cisco (lake herring) that i had in the freezer i took him up on it. eric v's secret family brine recipe and attention to detail combined with a well stoked fire of birch logs for 8 hours produced some outstanding results. These smoked delicacies were enjoyed by many over the holidays. Many thanks to 'other eric' for his insight into this world of smoking. i'm hooked.


photo's by: eric v-wal

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Kevin Kossowan said...

Those are some NICE looking smoked fish. You'll never go back to buying smoked fish, guaranteed. The most basic of setups can do the job.