Sunday, January 30, 2011

Minding the ice shelf as we snuck out into the water yesterday morning.

Pretty small lineup.
End of January on Lake Superior. What would you expect.

Winston going left on his McCoy Nugget. If you took the right, you were committed to dodging a few bowling ball size chucks of ice. Better to go left and ride through the rip of Skiddle size ice pellets.

Win grabs a glassy one, as the swell starts to die off.

John with some walrus sized icicles.

All an all a pretty sweet day for the end of january.

be well

photo's by eric berglund


John Roland said...

Thanks for the photos, good times for sure.


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. wanna go to kadunce on thurs aftn?


Anonymous said...

Those are some quality shots! Thanks for sharing Eric. I'll encourage the Kurungabaa crew to check them out.Noah

Eef said...

you guys are unbelievable!! Great shots!


PaddyH said...

hey Eric...nice blog, epic pics...the boots work great should get a couple yrs outa them...thnks!

Kevin Kossowan said...

Wow do you guys have balls. least you did before getting in THAT water.

Great photos.

Hunter said...

Awsome photography. I'm from Southern California so the coldest water I can stand is up in Santa Cruz; you guys are real chargers. I run a surf blog at check it out and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Surfing in Canada! Surfing in a lake! Well I have seen everything...

Excellent Blog! The pics are amazing! And the wood work very nice!

All the best from Argentina,


P.S.: Canada is my second home.