Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loaded up on friday & cruised down the shore in search of some waves...mostly burlyish beach break due to another odd fetch to wind direction and speed ratio. Got a few rides and took some beatings courtesy of the lake before loading back up and continuing on my way down to hunt the northwoods of Minnesota.

A beautiful November morning on the drive down the shore.

And so it goes, we wait and prepare all year to gather during the second week of November for what we call the "Holy Days". I'm sure someone might slam me for calling it that, but there is so much legacy, time, patience, reverence and effort put into our deer hunt, that calling it anything less would be inappropriate.

Just a picturesque sunset the night before opening morning.

Straight up, old fashion wool.

Frosty morning.

Park the ATV's, there are Surly Pugsley's and regular ole mtb's in camp.

Just another northwoods adventure folks

peace e

photo's by: eric berglund


Dale Williams said...

Beautiful pictures. Thx

Jamie Watson said...

I love your photos - but the one of that wool - something special.