Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aside from the traditional topping of pearl sugar (which we can't seem to track down around here), N's Swedish style cardamom rolls, ie. "kanelbullar" are fantastically close to the authentic deal. mmmmm. straight from the oven, they're hard to beat.

And for whatever reason, i felt that the brown of this log that has seen some borers, went well with the brown of the kanelbullar photo above. Or just interesting at the very least i guess.

Still receiving day after day of gorgeous weather, doesn't seem entirely right for mid november....


photo's by: eric berglund

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Anonymous said...

you can buy the large crystal sugar in a blue box at Quality Market County Fair. We use it for "pulla", and I use it a lot on cupcakes or muffins instead of icing.
Amy K