Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pretty much a 100 mile diet last sunday night:

Garden fresh potatoes grown in a pail in our backyard, fresh walleye that i caught, garden coleslaw (carrots and cabbage from Boreal Edge Farm), our tomatoes, local corn on the cob, fresh picked comb tooth and pig's ear mushrooms and green and yellow beans (some from our yard, some from Boreal Edge).
I love this time of year.

Now if only we could get some surf up in this. Of course, that might happen this weekend while i am out of town....that would only make sense. Not bitter about the lack of surf...nope, not bitter all (couldn't be more sarcastic).

photo by: e

peace out.

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Jamie Watson said...

wow. yum. very impressed. I just got that book, Plenty.