Sunday, September 13, 2009

The ole b-log has been sitting idle, but my body, mind and shutter have not. Been out on the water, doing what i do and enjoying it. What a beautiful start to September. A short recap to start the week off:

Glassy calm mornings

Blue sky, head off to work

Release a beauty of a lake trout...955mm (or 37.6''for the metrically challenged) and well over 20lbs.

Take in the clouds up side down.

Unexpectedly find a small shwack of chanterelles.

Watch the sun go down as we finish up.

Post note that the chanterelles were NOT found on the same day or location as the release of the magnificent LT. good do you think a day at work could possibly be.

photo's by e...
for the exception of that of e.....
in which case a certain solid dude known as Ante, can take cred.



Malcolm Johnson said...

great shots E.

Jamie Watson said...

Inspiring post, as usual. (-:

Anonymous said...

That's a rather bulky lake trout...yeesh.