Monday, May 11, 2009

nice local slab.

Duped, beaten and humbled. That was me the other day, when a wiley fresh hog, straight from the lake took me for a ride, showed its self ever so briefly and subsequently left my hook dangling on a stick projecting from the bank of the river. Long after the fish had vanished, i was sure it was still at the end of my line, hunkered down under the bank. No such luck. As i replayed the scene in my head i realized that the fish had pulled a ninja move worthy of the most ninja-ee ninja on me and proved once again why we pursue these beauty's with such enthusiasm. dam. lovin it.

otherwise nasty low, blowin through this week, which could power up the wave factory out there. new cedar deck is done and smelling nice. fish to chase and a gorgeous spring evenin out there folks.

photo by: eric b.

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Anonymous said...

NEW CEDAR DECK!!!! When did you do that?