Thursday, May 21, 2009

bikes and morels

j., Lutsen and i booted out for a spin on some local trails this eve. Lutsen going like a bat outta hell and j and i taking a couple of spills over the ole handle bars just to keep things real, get acquainted with some dirt and remember why a helmet is a good thing. I'd say the rigs we ride are pretty rad...hand picked quality components, solid frames, nice wheelsets, cool skull stickers and black paint jobs... but there's a new rival out there in terms of coolness. check the uncles new wheels for cruising the north woods of Minnesota and for approaching unsuspecting ungulates come november.

The Surly Puglsy dominating this log last weekend.

Oh, and a booty load of morels from northern MN!!

Should see some tasty fungi comin around soon up in these parts, with a bit of rain in the forecast and some warmer days.

Photo's courtesy of: Erv Berglund

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Anonymous said...

some wicked tires on that bike!

Amy K