Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Boom-snap. Another adventuresome weekend in the woods of northern MN...25C above zero one day, snow and sleet the next, sunny moderate bird-singingly sweet the day after that. Drove home on Sunday amidst horizontal rain, gale NE winds and a view of the swell out on the lake, sizable and wrapping in, reeling down rugged unsurfed points...hostile looking out there. Where was my board? At home. Where was my wetsuit? At home. I kicked my self...metaphorically of course, because really there's no way i would've known it was going to blow up like that since we had been in the woods sans power and plus i had promised Nance i would be back for a concert she was singing in that night. The swell appeared to be decreasing in size as i drove north, or at least that's what i told myself. Saw the boys out in the water as i went past the local, home bound.

Willow topped in April ice.

I'm not a snake guy, but these garter snakes where diggin the warm sun on Saturday afternoon.

I hope it doesn't get old when i talk about the weather. People tend to poke fun at people who talk about the weather all the time, as if there is nothing better to talk about, as if it's a mundane subject. Failing faltering shitty economy, fast cars, mo-money, sports score...whatever. If you enjoy the outdoors than chances are the weather matters to you, and personally i think it's fascinating how it shapes our outlook on life, our mood and our pastimes, among other things. Think about how you really feel the next time your freezing you're ass off versus say soaking up the heat of the spring sun.

Scotty zings one out there last week.


photogs by: eric berglund

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