Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Got into carving spoons this past fall using axe and knife, mostly out of intrigue and because i was having a need to get creative. After coming back from Sweden i decided to get my act together and give it a try. I've got an uncle, Erv is his name, who has been carving some pretty deadly bowls of the Swedish form and design for several years now. Bowls that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, a fundamental aspect to Swedish design.

A couple from his personal collection.

I finally had the opportunity to get some hands on instruction in his shop (read: basement) this past weekend and carve my self a bowl. Definitely more to it, once you start breaking down the steps and working through the process.

Tools: Gransfors Bruks Drawknife, GB carving axe, GB short-handle adze, Hans Karlsson Gouges (HK-08,HK-24,& HK-06).

First attempt at a bowl. Still needs drying time and sanding. Will post when finished.

Much thanks Erv.


photos By: Eric Berglund


ras said...

that's a great first effort. makes me wanna drop paddle making. what type of woods do you use to make bowls?

Eric said...

This kind of carving is fun stuff. Mostly using birch, easy to find in these parts, easy to work with and yet structurally sound. Erv has made bowls out of several other woods though. Depends on what's available too.