Tuesday, March 17, 2009

dog named Lutsen

We call him 'the dude', 'Lutter', 'dude','little brown dog', 'boy'and'Luty', but his name is Lutsen. A boykin spaniel from Greenbrier, Arkansas and at one year he's an intelligent, rambunctious, affectionate, hardcore, spring in every step (unless your prying him from the bed), friendly, outgoing, laze around in the morning and at night kinda dog. Know's how to sit, retrieve, wait, go for a ski, come when called (most of the time), spot birds, chase birds, ride in the canoe, hunt dust in the house, stay, swim, hang out while fishin, entertain himself, entertain us, roll over, shake a paw, ring a bell to go outside, and sit on your lap while you try to read your favorite book, among other things that i might have forgotten. Happy b-day little dude.


Erv said...

Lutsen is a special one. In fact, the Boykins as a whole are a special breed while being a laid back dog around the house and ready to charge into the field at the drop of a hat. Lutsen is fortunate to have Nancy & Eric as his parents who make sure that he is adequately stimulated in all aspects of Thunder Bay life.


Robert said...

the Dude abides!