Monday, December 15, 2008

Hellsyeah! Finally some snow...oh and minus kajillion wind chill. Well, if there was a bright side to missing out on yesterdays substantial swell (read: no real bright side when i heard how good it was from Win), it's that we can look forward to some pretty wicked skiing conditions. Got the ole dumpage this weekend and had to dig out this morning in a big way. Working stiffs had to make it to work, but kids were kids and got the day off school on account of the snow and wind...good old fashion winter is what i'd call it. zing.

My hopes are still high that there will be more surf before the inevitable happens to the big lake....dam it's difficult to be obsessed with something like surfing in a climate like ours. Patience young grasshopper...and go wax your skis.


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JYog said...

Like this blog a lot. Let me know if you'd like an advance copy of my book Saltwater Buddha to review. See for more info. Keep up the great work and stay warm up there.