Friday, December 5, 2008

A couple of gems from our trip to the sunshine coast last year.

Somehow, it is already December and the temps are slipping. A solid -20 celcius while out walking the dog this morning. Needless to say the rivers are frozen stiff. All would be fantastic if it weren't for the craptastic lack of snow; it's not even like we are out shredding or sliding the nordics. Nope. And haven't surfed in a couple of weeks either; albeit a freak swell blew up out of nowhere on Tuesday, with the NOAA forecasting site showing 17' waves on the far northeast corner of the lake. I was stuck in computer land, crunching numbers or making maps or something, but a couple of folks managed to get in on some of the good action. Meanwhile, keepin busy, with plenty o'projects.

Ok, last but not least, do check out the fantastic photography over at 18 year old Morgan Maassen's blog: 'Bogus Blog' and Kyle Lightner's work at his site. Both surfy inspired kats with a keen eye. Great stuff.

photo's By: e.

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ras said...

colours on that first one are unreal. hope you get some waves soon. we've got a noreaster coming and I'm feelin like I may have to call in sick on Monday.