Monday, August 11, 2008

Let's just say that the stupidity continued all through the weekend and is still going on out there. Unfortunately i'm not talking about a local local patch. Of course the berries are everywhere, not just at our "secret spot" and yee shall find. Devoted the better part of the weekend to stalking the freezer with fresh picked blueberries. I'm no expert, but i reckon you'd call this a bumper crop. The hero shot showing our total haul is still to come, but right now we are sitting pretty at well over 20 litres. Leaving the secret spot on sunday afternoon was hard and almost felt wrong; like turning your back on good waves or a river full of fresh chrome, but alas we had to call er quits, dog had had his fill of blueberries and was calling for real dog food and the sun was beating down and causing the bugs to swarm en mass. So much goodness.

photogs By: Eric Berglund

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Joseph said...

Brilliant, I think we may be long lost brothers! Thanks for the link, I'll gladly return the favor. Joe from