Sunday, November 16, 2014

So you thought this blog had dried up and all but disappeared from the interwebs. Well, you're wrong....just happens that i can't be bothered to sit still and plunk myself in front of the ole desktop to post something to the interwebs. Sure, i post some images to instagram or facebook or flickr...but they're usually a one or two shot deal and they are quick, even without owning a cell phone. I realized the other day, that this blog platform has provided a pretty fun timeline over the years, even if it's just for myself; although i know a few of you get a kick out of it as well and can't be bothered with that other media crap.  So with that in mind and the fact that it's now winter, i'm going to make an attempt to post here, if only a little more often than in the past half a year. So stop by from time to time and see what's cookin in our world of fun and adventure.  As usual...these are all photo's i've snapped.

Lake Superior, November 2014. Overhead and glassy point break.

My cuz man getting all gnarly at deer camp on my new 9zero7 190mm fatbike.

A family's got to eat. I thank the woods, everyday.

Brook trout

The families shoes at rest well we played in the water at Redrock Canyon, Waterton Lakes National Park this summer.

Rogers Pass


Either grown, foraged or caught.

Spent 4 months off work with my boys, getting up to all kinds of trouble, including rolling round town on this rig.  Surly Ogre, with Yepp Mini upfront and Trek Mnt Train in the back.

Because we always like a fun little project; we decided to rip out our front yard this spring and re landscape the whole thing into a raingarden.  Here we are just putting in some plants.  Being a cool wet summer, the yard flourished and should come back twice as nice next year.  Lot's of native species, berries, grasses, ferns, etc...

So yeah.  Now you're all up to speed...hahaha.

peace all

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