Thursday, January 30, 2014

A look at the new backyard smokehouse that i built out of tongue n'groove pine just before Christmas to handle 50 Lake Superior Cisco. The big Chief wasn't going to hack it and my usual Christmas fish smoking accomplice had moved to Newfoundland. So i was left with few options. This option turned out amazing.

Smoked cisco after 8hrs in the house.

I'll say it once.  It's been a cold winter so far.  Just the way we like it of course.

A nice buck that i came across late in December

Jigging rainbows

 Back to logging some good winter miles, mostly via the daily commute.  Nothing like the feeling of  -35C to make you want to pedal hard.

Drippin some wax.  As a friend said today.  "Those trails aren't going to ski themselves Eric".
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Get out and enjoy winter friends.


photo's by
eric berglund

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