Friday, July 26, 2013

 Just when this little niche in the interwebs was about to be forgotten, i finally decided that on this 9 degrees Centigrade evening in July, i would park my never stopping self in front of the computer to edit up some images.  So here are a couple from that last while..and by a while, i mean several months.

My cousin Thomas (T$) ventured out to chase some chromers.  Some were had.   

What better than a rainy weekend to run around chasing brook trout?
Unfortunately, not many were had this day.  But is was nice and wet if nothing else.

Here, Fritz and i decided chucking streamers for lake trout wouldn't be a bad idea.  It was entertaining. 

Skip to the July long weekend.
Fun in the sun with the family and a glassy morning on Superior catching a few nice trout.

Sometimes you just need to hang out at the beach.

The Sørlandet at Lake Superior Day down at the harbour here in Thunder Bay.

Trolling for salmon...with Lutsen the dog as my first mate.

As usual, keep it real and get outside.

peace out all.