Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Black IPA...hoppy, roasty and BLACK. Another success..a la
Northern Brewer.

This ones from a few weeks back now. O and Grandpa sliding. Pretty proud and amazed by O's (2 1/2 years old) agility and coordination on two planks.

The 35th Sleeping Giant Loppet was a blast as usual. Though colder and blusteryer (i don't think that's word) than normal. Lots of smiling faces and determination. Snapped this one just before the start of the 50km race. Didn't really mean to get this dude front and center...but he's got a great getup on and is clearly excited to go ski for 3+ hours.

Snagged this one from a link on the Loppet website. Taken by Jon Nelson somewhere along the first couple of kilometers of the course.

peace all

photo's by eric berglund
Except the last one, as previously mentioned.

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