Friday, April 1, 2011

That time of year again. The Spring issue SBC Surf arrived today, with a cover shot by Jeremy Koreski of Nico Manos going left in NS; edging on that fresh spring least in terms of the colours.

Inside, there's a familiar shot of our man Liam Cook "in the wild heart of the Canadian shield" ripping on Lake Superior on a blustery fall day.

Anyways, check out the issue when you have a chance. As usual, there's a lot of goodness inside.


photo of Liam By eric berglund


lum said...

HAVE I TOLD YOU I LOVE YOU!!!, hey eric ,Liam here "brudda", thank you so much for the pic in the article, i will have my mum send me a copy to meet me in australia. Many aloha's from hawaii and Jeramy sends many aloha's from Tofino, he is ripping it up hardcore.

peace! and aloha

John Roland said...

Nice job Eric, nice job!