Monday, March 7, 2011

Despite the two week hiatus from skiing in mid february because of being sick and having way more 'classic' days than skate this winter, i still had a decent ski in the 50km Sleeping Giant Loppet on the weekend. Not my best time, but personally a very satisfying ski. Thoroughly spent on a beauty of a day.

Photo's are limited since i was more focused on pushin my self than pushin the shutter on the point and shoot.

The scene.

Somewhere between kilometer 25 and 35. Feeling energetic and coordinated enough to capture some action in the sun while on the move.

More info and stuff if you clicky here: Sleepy Giant Loppet

Still lot's of skiing left in the season.

Note to self: 'self, more training for next year'.

peace out

photo's by eric berglund

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