Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stand out spots were just too burly, no way to paddle out into 20'+ swell on Lake Superior in 40knot winds. No channel, no current and a 10 second period. Still, some sizable sets were found even under more sheltered conditions. What a day!!

Liam sizing one up and charging it.

For the record from Weather --

"Yesterday's 28.20" (955 mb) low pressure reading in Minnesota breaks not only the 28.28" (958 mb) previous "USA-interior-of-the-continent-record" from Cleveland, Ohio during the Great Ohio Storm of Jan. 26, 1978 (a lower reading in Canada during this event bottomed out at an amazing 28.05"/950 mb), but also the lowest pressure ever measured anywhere in the continental United States aside from the Atlantic Coast. The modern Pacific Coast record is 28.40" (962mb) at Quillayute, Washington on Dec. 1, 1987. An older reading, taken on a ship offshore from the mouth of the Umpqua River in Oregon during the famous "Storm King" event on January 9, 1880, is tied with yesterday's 28.20" (955 mb.)

So, the famed storm that sank the ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald in 1974, , was weaker than the current storm."

So wild.
So much respect.



Eef said...

good lord! i didn't even know the waves got that big around the lake! You guys are the most hardcore surfers i heard of. Respect!!


Anonymous said...

nice one! I hope you got out to ride some of those bad boys. I got only a few post-worthy pics in the morning as it was blowing rain sideways right into the camera. should compare photos soon, and reminis on some good sessions.

Amy K

Eric said...

Yeah, the rain made it pretty difficult to truly capture what was going on out there in the morning. Spectacular non the less. Memorable day for sure.

ras said...

damn that looks fun. give thanks for weather bombs!