Monday, July 19, 2010

I realized yesterday afternoon as i sat in the back yard on a beautiful sunday afternoon, combing the chaff out of the 18 25 liters of blue berries that we had picked on Saturday; that blue berry picking is more than just picking berries; it's deeper, it satisfies a major hunter, gatherer, forager ethos that our society has mostly come to forget. N's not about to complain about this love for fruit harvesting, nor am i.

The new secret patch found by fellow blueberry fanatics, produced. All i can say is that it's beside the Trans Canada Highway somewhere between Thunder Bay and Vancouver.

And...more berries to be had this weekend.


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John Roland said...

is it on the right side?

Eric said...

yep, on the right side...although i can't openly say which right side. 33 more litres on saturday.

Gaz said...

Great pic of your little one, classic!

No berry haul like that this year for us not even close..... numerous sightings of bear locally as they come down ot of the hills looking for food. A cool summer did it.