Monday, March 15, 2010

Freeze, thaw, freeze thaw. Thaw. Thaw. Thaw. Thaw. Most, if not all ice and snow on land has disappeared, which is not totally the norm for these parts in March. It sort of feels like winter had just started to get rollin, before it was cut short by these temps in the teens.

Put this birch bowl aside to dry, several weeks ago now. I'll probably be able to pull it out and sand it later this summer, along with all the other projects that have been stockpiling on the drying rack.

Just another rad shot of the lakes from NOAA.


photos: eric berglund

Download the full size satellite image from NOAA here.


BowlCarver said...

Nice work on the bowl. Great coloration to the wood. Local source?

Eric said...

thanks...that's the wood we harvested last summer up in the hills southwest of town.