Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too warm for January in NWO. Rain to heavy snow, temp hovering around zero, strong east to ESE winds. Skiin' on month old snow up until now, so this should do something.

Break out the tools, quick tune of the edges with the strop and lay into some birch that has been sitting idle outside for the last few months. Fill the basement shop with the smell of fresh wood shavings. Oskar joins me for a bit and sits in his high chair to watch while he munches on an organic snack and smiles. Makes me smile.

Self shot

Tools- Mora, Ashley Iles, Granfors, and Hans Karlsson

In progress


photos by e.


Eef said...

this post makes me happy!


Nordstrom said...

I really enjoy your site. Your photos are unique and I appreciate your perspectives. I too am drawn to The Lakes. Thank you. If you don't mind ... what type of camera and lens do you use?