Saturday, December 19, 2009

A local vantage point out to the bay where a ship waits to head out
amidst a blanket of steam rising off the water. Winter is here and doodz are fishing inland lakes on something like 12'' of frozen water.

Otherwise, i have recently become re-obsessed with Phish. Their music has never left my ever expanding musical library per say, but after acquiring the recordings from Phish Festival 8 in Indio, California October 30, 2009, i was reminded why i was and still am, so obsessed with them. Anyways, this lengthy jam from 1999 is proof of their awesomeness. Watch it (larger is better), listen to it (louder), dance to it,or play it in the background while you do your other interwebing...whatever.

Phish - 12/31/99 - After Midnight from Phish on Vimeo.


photo by: eric berglund

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