Friday, October 2, 2009

Grey, rainy and winds gusting to 34knot @ E/ ENE. Majorly long hiatus, followed by a kickass start to the season. Started out disorganized, choppy and burly. Had to duck out mid day, but the latest report was that it cleaned up nice and stayed large. Nice rides and more than few taken on the head. Gauging by the fact that the buoy is still up around 12' at 10pm...and the wind is set to shift offshore, makes it seem like it should be good for a saturday morning session.

Liam, taking one of many drops

John, picks his line after catching a bomb on the outside. He was stoked!

peace out

photo's by: eric berglund

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John Roland said...

Nice! thing cleaned up nicely peeling lefts and rights and the waves were large. bomb sets that i swear were pushing double overhead. checkout my shot of jer on an overhead bomb. when you get a chance send me an email of the pics.